Sole & Consumer

The prince of fish

Chefs consider Sole as Prince of Fish and prize Sole for its mild, buttery, sweet flavor and versatility, and for its ease of filleting

This superb fish inspired many classic dishes such as Poached Sole Bonne Femme, Sole
Veronique and Sole a la Meunière. With dark brown skin and a longer and narrower shaped body than other flat fish, Sole has a crisp white flesh, firm to touch, with an almost sweet taste.

It’s also an ideal fish, as it’s often too firm to cook immediately after being caught, and is best after one or two days (around the time you receive it) when the texture and flavor is enhanced.

In Spain (the biggest Sole market world) and in most Mediterranean countries; 85% of fresh Sole is consumed in the family home, where it is highly regarded as a pleasure for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers or having guests for dinner.

The bigger the Sole, the more important the occasion is, simply because large Sole are far more expensive than small.

The mature Sole is about. 45 cm long. The optimum size fish to be served on its own (on a plate) is about 330g and a 500g fish will normally provide two portion-size fillets.