Indoor Recirculation Aquaculture System are land-based fish farms, which allows for all year round control and delivery of fish.

Whether the facility will use fresh water, brackish or marine water, a R.A.S works on the same principles. The system can achieve optimal temperature and optimal and stable production all year round, independent of seasonal variation, location, climate and environment.


  1. Provides a high degree of risk mitigation in an environment which is disease free, pathogen free, contaminant free and toxin free.
  2. Provides superior growth rates and far lower mortality rates than traditional aquaculture methods.
  3. Improved feed conversion rates with very little wastage (which reduces costs, and also significantly enhances fish health).
  4. Reduces power consumption and operating costs to a fraction of first generation tank-based systems.
  5. Modular and scalable allowing rapid response to market demand.
  6. Has minimum discharge level with low water usage, continually re-using water with advanced mechanical and biological treatments
  7. Provides all year round production of fish with a great degree of control, perfect for todays consumer markets.
  8. Low environmental impact.
  9. Enables seafood to be produced sustainably thus fullfills the strict criteria required for responsible certification.
  10. Higher return on investment with faster and more reliable cash flows, and lower wastage/stock loss than any other existing aquaculture process.
  11. Fish can be farmed close to markets, reducing air transportation costs and fish wastage during transit


Model of a RAS facility with filters, and water treatment system.