Epic has developed a new concept in fish farming with the use of water recirculation (or RAS) and the best available nutrition for Sole. RAS provides the ideal growing conditions to raise and produce fish all year around which is sustainable and environmentally clean. RAS is tried and tested, and it is a very cost effective way of farming fish. Danish companies are the market leaders in this industry and Epic is working with the best. 


EA will use RAS to focus on farming Solea, which is a highly prized global mass market fish that is very popular throughout Europe. Further this activity, whilst being sustainable and cleantech (with an environmental impact very controlled) it also promises very attractive financial returns on capital employed.


Fase 1

Key-Milestones for Phase 1 are; year 1 construction (12 months), year
2 start farming Sole (12-14 months to grow and commence harvesting of 330 to 400 gr fish).

The Company’s industry objective is to become one of the leading aquaculture companies in the world in terms of product quality, branding and methodologies deployed (without using genetic manipulation or growth hormones).

The Directors and management have the expertise to implement this project within budget and have already targeted a team of aquaculture experts, including some of the best in the world, who have expressed
a strong desire to participate in this cleantech sustainable production of Sole.

The Company’s objective for its shareholders is to provide the maximum possible return on their investment. The planned exit for investors is to float the company on a major stock exchange.

The retained profits from Phase 1 should be sufficient to finance the subsequent 7 Phases, thus enabling the facility to produce 3,840 tons of Sole with sales of €50m
At this level of production the company will only satisfy c. 7% of the Spanish markets demand for Sole, thus there is still ample opportunity to expand further.