We are building a fish-farm producing Sole using the most modern RAS technology

Fish Farming has evolved over the last 50 years into a very secure and advanced industry suppling over 50% of the world fish consumption.

This industry started with simple operations in rivers, then progressed into Sea Cages and Flow Through systems. Over the last 20 years the industry has developed a more secure and controlled production system on land, based on RAS which has proven that nearly all species can be farmed.

Epic Aqua has developed a system which has proven that with healthy fingerlings and production in especially developed tanks, it is feasible to farm Sole on a large commercial basis. In fact, unlike most other farm fish, farmed Sole with the Epic technology has been endorsed by leading chefs as being of a quality only known from wild Sole from decades ago.

The Company’s objective is to use its knowhow gained from our Sole Pilot facility and now to establish a larger facility for the mass production of farmed Sole in the south of Spain.

The Epic facility will exclusively focus on the production of Sole, although Turbot and other species can also be done. The reason why we are focusing on Sole is because it is a highly desired mass market fish throughout the world, thus it commands a premium sales price per kilo. And most important; we will be capable of mass producing Sole in a market that is 99% dependent on wild catch for supplies, which are unavailable for several months during the year. Using RAS, we can produce Sole all year round, delivering every day.

Key success factors

  • Epic will use Danish manufactured RAS, known worldwide as the most advanced proven and reliable systems for on-land cleantech and highly productive fish farming.
  • All production will use robust and healthy fingerlings (baby fish) reared in-house using in-house production of Copepods, the natural food (sea plankton) of marine fish.
  • The facility is located on an onshore site that is considered one of the best locations in Europe for farming Sole.
  • The site is also located on the doorstep to the biggest market for Sole in the world; Spain.
  • The project has the full support of all regional and national government institutions, and will attract significant financial assistance.
  • Like all projects with a successful future the results depend on the leading people driving the project. A Formula 1 racing-car can have the best technology in the world and driving on the best racing track. But the car’s actual performance completely depends on the driver and his support team. Thus Epic has secured the best qualified and experienced team to design and drive this project.

The Company now plans to start construction of Phase 1 in 2017 and first sales to commence 24 months thereafter. Phase 1 is designed to produce 480 metric tonnes of 330 to 400 gr Sole per year and this will be followed with a further 7 Phases which should produce a total of 3.840 metric tonnes of Sole per year.

The risk profile of this project is low and conservative. Investors interested in participation in the development of the phases should contact Mr. Per Buus Christensen, pbc@epic-aqua.eu

Market name: Sole, Lenguado
Common names: Common Sole, True Sole.
Scientific name: Solea senegalensis

Solea has been the mainstay of the European seafood scene for generations and is considered one of the foundations of Continental cuisine. Few fish command more respect in culinary circles than the “True Sole”, which yields thin yet firm fillets that hold together well in many preparations. The raw meat is glistening white, texture is dense and it tastes mild and sweet. Despite its delicate flavour, it’s able to stand up to the heavy sauces favoured by European chefs.

When purchasing Sole, the first thing to consider is whether it is a true Sole (Solea Senegalensis), or a pretender such as Pacific Dover Sole and Lemon Sole.

They are not the same fish, and although Pacific Dover is a good fish, Sole is a great fish. Sole is really (truly) a Solea, whereas Pacific Dover and Lemon Sole are a Flounder, a much cheaper fish often sold as Solea.